Livion is a software company. Our top professionals use modern technologies to deliver solutions based on customer needs. End result is often a web, mobile, database or cloud application. Our communication products and IoT-solutions combine devices to applications and application to systems into one seamless solution. In larger scale projects we use our partner network for automation, electronics and electricity engineering.


Experienced and enthusiastic experts can perform miracles. Our designers have well over ten years of experience on average and have created successful solutions for world leading brands as well as small local businesses. Want to join our team? Send your application to


Product development and project resourcing

We are highly experienced and motivated and ready to start based on your ideas. We can take responsibility of a whole project or work as part of your team in all phases. We have mobile gurus, UI specialists, database professionals, HTML5 magicians and project managers ready to help you.

IoT and M2M

We create secure software solutions expanding the whole information chain from devices to end users. We choose the best fit technologies to connect sensors and devices into external systems, cloud or local controls. Our applications can manage monitoring, controlling and optimizing. Data filtering into relevant information can spawn new ideas and business models.

Internet and mobile application development

We create applications with the best modern technologies as agreed. We support browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Our mobile applications are used on iOS, Android, Windows and Qt operating systems.

Full stack development

Front end, back end and all phases of design. Our internet and mobile applications are scalable and user friendly and work on different devices and operating systems. We take modering technologies, user experience and target audience into consideration. We also create high performance back end solutions that communicate with external systems and databases.

Entertainment applications

We create games and multimedia applications for education and entertainment needs that work on browsers and mobile devices.


Building Automation

With the help of our Livion Connect-product we can connect sensors, controlling and monitoring into one seamless system. It can be managed locally or though the internet. We deliver solutions to OEM-manufacturers and technology companies.

Logistics, Marine & Boats

Our ERP monitoring and reporting solutions can be accesssed locally or remotely. We also provide data collecting systems. OEM-manufacturers, technology companies and shipping companies benefit from our services.

Energy & Electricity

Our Livion Connect-product offers monitoring, controlling and reporting solutions for environment, ERP and communication related systems. We deliver customized versions based on the special needs of energy industry and OEM-manufacturers.

Entertainment & Media

We create learning games for internet and mobile platforms. We have also delivered media content management systems. Our customers are media and technology companies and organizations from the public sector.


We deliver solutions to improve the tracking, controlling and reporting of production processes. Often our Livion Connect product is the best solution, but we also do customized software and help customers with updates of their old systems. Our services are used by OEM-manufacturers, process industry and technology companies.

Healthcare & Welfare

We create applications that connect to healthcare systems. Our clients are public and private sector organizations and OEM manufacturers. Monitoring, controlling and reporting can be done locally or in the cloud with our Livion Connect product. We also implement interactive internet applications to help information management between the service provider and end user.

Environment & Cleantech

Production environment related solutions are made easy with our Livion Connect product. We have also implemented modern internet applications for data collecting and they are used by the industry leaders.

Partners & customers

ALMA, Asennustiimi, Attracs, Beamex, Centria, Creamedia, Eniro, Ekorosk, Eleca, Fidelix, Freeport Cobalt, FSM Group, HUR, Idean Enterprises, Jake Rakennus Bygg, Kielikone, Kiuru, Kokkolan Energia, Kokkolan kaupunki, Kruunupyyn Sähkölaitos, LST, Neusoft, NSA Yhtiöt, Ouman, Raisoft, Tieto, Valio...


Livion Connect

Livion Connect is a secure software environment that connects devices, interfaces and back end services together in realtime. It enables remote control of devices by connecting them to cloud where they can be reached with platform independent web-applications. Livion Connect can be scaled customized to many needs and it can interact with other services and databases.

Livion Connect is Livion's answer to the growing needs of the IoT market. It has been chosen by several industry leaders to raise above competition. Contact us and we can find out how Livion Connect can help your business.

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The idea for LivionKey key box arose when entrepreneurs renting out several apartments or cottages felt that handing over and receiving keys consumed too much of time and resources. To meet this need, we developed a smart and remote-controlled automated key box solution.

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Livion on the Internet

Owl Invasion

Owl Invasion is a new mobile game that combines the magic of owls and retro gaming into an experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.



Content management system for a healthcare service which is connected to client's intranet and to public pages keeping its information always up-to-date.



2nd place in an international JS1k JavaScript programming competition with "Highway at Night" demo.

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Asko Lamminen

CEO, Pietarsaari

  +358 400 919 351

Timo Huttunen

Director, Product development and solutions, Oulu

  +358 40 544 3458

Pasi Harju

CTO, Oulu

  +358 40 543 1905

Jani Ylikangas

COO, Kokkola

  +358 400 851 846

Henri Keski-Sikkilä

Director, Software Services, Kokkola

  +358 50 438 4171