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digitalizing key & access management

The Future of Key Management is Here.

Where traditional keys goes digital. Always connected. Effortlessly convenient.

Revolutionizing Key Automation

The world is undergoing a digital transformation and the locking industry is no exception.

Despite this transformation, the need for accountable and secure key management endures. Enter Livion. Our LivionKey products and LivionKey Register software provide cloud-connected solutions for unmatched convenience, control, and security.

Whether you are handling traditional mechanical keys or venturing into electromechanical and mobile key domains, Livion is your ideal partner.

LivionKey Register

Simplify Your Key Management

Effortlessly document and manage every key handover and return, offering accountability to your business.


Automate Your Key Management

Equip your business with 30 always accessible and secure lockers, real-time cloud connectivity, and advanced monitoring features for comprehensive key management.


Control Electric Door Locks with Ease

Integrate seamless, real-time control over your electric door locks. Manage them securely through pin codes and cloud connectivity.

LivionKey30 EM edition

Tailor-Made Security

Automatically program each iLOQ S5 key with tailored access rights, offering your end customers the exact security solutions they need. All managed effortlessly through the LivionKey web app.


Efficiency and Security for Remote Locations

Optimize key handover and return at numerous isolated locations with our single-locker solution

Serving Customers Across Europe

Partner with the Best in the Industry

Livion is proud to have a wide network of customers and resellers spanning Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, and Spain. With thousands of devices actively in use, our footprint is significant and growing. Discover some of our esteemed partners below.

Ready to Transform Your Key Management?

Let us help you find the perfect key management solution tailored to your needs. Schedule a demo to discover how Livion can elevate your business.

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