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New updates and improvements to LivionKey

March 04, 2024

Contract Notifications Templates

LivionKey Key contracts allows you to send both email and SMS customizable notifications to your customer. A LivionKey Manager Admin user can define custom templates for each organizational unit through our template editor. This editor allows the use of predefined variables and also enables notification previews with example data.
March 04, 2024

Contract Notifications Previews

You can now conveniently preview Key contract notifications right before sending them.
March 04, 2024

Contract Notifications Status

You can now, keep track of your Key Contract notification statuses directly from the Key contract view. Additionally you can resend them in case your customer needs it.
January 10, 2024


Keyrings in LivionKey allow bundling of multiple keys together, as in a physical keyring. When keys are part of a keyring in LivionKey, they are always handed over and returned collectively, ensuring that all keys are managed simultaneously. This feature streamlines handling multiple keys, which is especially useful in scenarios where multiple keys are frequently used together. Currently, this feature is not available for keys stored in Key Automats.
December 15, 2023

LivionKey API V2

The LivionKey EM device is designed to program iLOQ keys, allowing the storage of keys without predetermined access rights. With Livion's iLOQ-specific APIs, third-party systems can queue key handover reservations. This process requires access rights, key quantity, contact information, and the preferred pick-up location. Using these inputs, LivionKey prepares the specified iLOQ keys to be programmed with the desired access rights. Notably, these access rights are encoded when the user fetches the keys, ensuring that programming occurs just in time rather than beforehand.

More information: ‍

LivionKey system documentation for API V2

LivionKey EM edition

August 16, 2023

Notify user of overdue key return

You can now configure LivionKey to send notifications and recurrent reminders to the contact person if the key has yet to be returned.