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Unlock the Future of Key Automation

LivionKey30 Secure, Smart Storage

Transform your organizational key management with LivionKey30.

Intelligent by Design

Dual Cameras

Features a camera inside lockers for key detection and a front-facing camera for added security.

Alarms & Notifications

Receive immediate alerts for power cuts, vandalism, and disconnections to keep your keys secure.

API integration

Use LivionKey's API to integrate with external systems, simplifying your operations and extending your capabilities.

Email and SMS Notifications

Contract details can be sent to end users via email and SMS for convenience.

Network Options

For internet access, choose between included secure mobile network connections or your local Wi-Fi

Plug & Play

Installation is simple and quick, requiring minimal setup.

Technical specifications


136 x 445 x 522 mm


19.5 kg with wall bracket


30 lockers

Power supply

Included: 230Vac plug-in power supply. The device offers a battery backup for up to 10 hours during outages, with actual duration influenced by usage.

Operating temperature range

+10°C to +40°C in dry, non-condensing indoor environments. For outdoor use, consider the LivionKey30 Outdoor model.

LivionKey Dashboard

Simplifying Complexity, Amplifying Control

With LivionKey dashboard, you gain access to a versatile dashboard designed to simplify key management across organizations of all sizes. Wherever you are, whenever you need.

Manage Your Key Automats And More

Real-Time Sync

Keep pace with LivionKey's dashboard, featuring real-time connectivity. Make changes from any computer, mobile device or on-site, and see them automatically updated in the app, so you are never out of step.

Organization management

Effortless Organization with LivionKey. Implement hierarchical roles for seamless access control and enhanced operational flow.

Unlimited Key Control

Experience LivionKey's limitless key management. Add, manage, or retire keys with no quantity restrictions for optimal security and accessibility.

User management

Add, edit, or delete users easily, while assigning role-based access rights for optimized workflow.

Event History Tracking

Monitor historical data on key reservations and access attempts, for audit-ready compliance.


Combine multiple key automats to function as one large unit, allowing you to customize the number of lockers based on your needs.

Plug, Play, and Personalize

Start using LivionKey 30 and its web application immediately in a range of environments. Our optional add-ons further tailor the solution to meet diverse needs.

Smart locker allocation

Optimize your locker usage for long duration contracts. Details coming soon!

On demand access with iLOQ S50

Send access link to keys in LivionKey30 when user opens S50 lock. Details coming soon!

API integrations

With API integrations you can fully automate Key management with any type of systems

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Sync pin codes to LivionKeypad to open front door to building where LivionKey30 is installed

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See it in action

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