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LivionKey30 Outdoor Convenient, Resilient, Weatherproof

Unlock the Outdoors: Effortless Mechanical Key Management in Open Environments

Built on a Proven Foundation

The LivionKey30 Outdoor is a robust extension of our reliable LivionKey30 solution. It maintains all the core functionalities that have made LivionKey30 a trusted choice, while adding the resilience to withstand outdoor conditions. Click here for a complete overview of the basic features of the LivvionKey30 solution.

Technical specifications

Water and Dust Protection

IP43 rated for water and dust resistance.


30 lockers


255 x 513 x 618 mm


Approximately 41 kg

Power supply

Included: 230Vac plug-in power supply. The device also has a battery backup for hours of use during outages, with duration varying by usage and environmental conditions.

Temperature Range

Operational between -40°C to +40°C.

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