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Unlock the Future of Access Control

LivionKeyPad: Access Simplified

Elevate your access control with LivionKeyPad. Manage electric locks, create time-sensitive pin codes, and monitor door statuses all from a single interface. Experience simplicity without sacrificing security.

Why Choose LivionKeyPad?

Simplify building access like never before with LivionKeyPad. Imagine it at your building's entrance, instantly syncing with a LivionKey30 automat indoors; or stand alone, managed from the user-friendly web interface. Complete with API integration, it's never been easier to create a harmonized or independent access management system right from your desk.

Pin Code Management

Simplify your lock security with unlimited pin codes. Sync seamlessly with LivionKey30.

Remote Door Opening

Have the ability to open doors remotely, providing a convenient solution for unexpected situations or VIP access.

Door Status Detection

Tells you if a door is open or closed, allowing for immediate action and increased security.

Installation Flexibility

Install LivionKeyPad both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its robust design that guarantees reliable performance.

Web-Based Control

Easily manage your LivionKeyPad via a web-based program, giving you remote control wherever you are.

API Interface

Seamlessly integrate LivionKeyPad into your existing systems with our API interface, making it a versatile addition to any security setup.

Versatile access rights

Distinct access rights cater to various roles, ensuring secure and precise entry whether for managerial oversight or maintenance tasks.

Extensive logs

Monitor historical data on reservations and access attempts

Technical specifications


21 x 84 x 104mm

Water and Dust Protection

IP65 rated for water and dust resistance.


Choose between included secure mobile network connections or your local Wi-Fi for internet access.

Power Source

Operates on 12-24V DC.

Temperature Range

Operational between -40°C to +40°C.

See it in action

Ready to see how LivionKeyPad can revolutionize your organization's access management? Click below to schedule a live demo with our experts.

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