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LivionKey register

Join The Digital Age

Seamlessly Convert Mechanical Keys to Digital Assets and Monitor Every Interaction

Elevate Your Key Management

Transition from the traditional spreadsheets or other manual key tracking tools to LivionKey Register, and ensure an organized and efficient key management system. Retain the ease of digital contract creation, signature appending, and instant receipt processing for key handovers and returns.

When you are ready to upgrade to electromechanical or mobile keys, you can be confident that LivionKeyRegister will accommodate your evolving needs effortlessly. Furthermore, enhance your key management operations by integrating LivionKey automats, fully automating the handover and return processes of mechanical or electromechanical keys. That way you can increase your operational efficiency and security.

Built-In Mobile Support

Inherently Responsive Design

No matter the device — be it a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone — LivionKey Register has got you covered. Experience flawless functionality across all screen sizes and browser types.

Unlock the Full Potential of Key Management

Discover the Features that Make LivionKey Register the Ultimate Solution

Unlock Efficiency and Control

Streamline the process of managing keys with intuitive options for adding, editing, and deleting keys. Facilitate smooth handovers and returns with key contracts.

Tailored Access Control and Delegation

Define and maintain your organization's hierarchical structure for efficient and secure access control.

Organize Your Properties with Ease

Manage all your organization's buildings and properties on one centralized platform. Add, edit, or delete building information effortlessly.

Empower Your Team

Manage users within your organization with the flexibility to add, edit, and delete user accounts. Assign roles and access rights to streamline operations.

Seamless User Agreements

Create and manage key contracts for users, specifying which keys they can access and for how long, all in a user-friendly interface.

Full Transparency, Zero Guesswork

Monitor and track all the key and access-related events. Stay informed about key reservations, access attempts, and changes in access rights.

Automated Confirmations

Send receipts via SMS or email to users about keys fetched or returned, enhancing accountability and documentation.

Timely Reminders to obtain Accountability

Automatically send notifications to users if a key return is overdue, ensuring timely returns and minimizing security risks.

User Compliance Made Easy

Require end-users to agree to terms and conditions when signing key contracts, ensuring legal compliance and clarity.

Robust Identification for Unmatched Security

Capture signatures from users when fetching keys, offering options for strong identification methods or handwritten signatures via touchscreen. This multi-layered approach ensures the highest level of verification and accountability.

Comprehensive Contract Documentation

Add attachments to contracts, such as paper signatures or other relevant documents, for a complete and transparent record.

Bulk Actions, Seamless Data Transfer

Effortlessly manage keys and buildings in bulk. Import and export data easily via CSV files for operational efficiency.

Ready to Transform Your Key Management?

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