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To the next level

LivionKey30 EM Edition for iLOQ S5 keys

Digitalize the last mile for S5 keys by removing the need to manually handover and receive keys

Built on a Proven Foundation

The LivionKey30 EM Edition is an advanced iteration of our reliable LivionKey30 solution. It retains all the core functionalities that have made LivionKey30 a trusted choice, while adding specialized features for iLOQ S5 key systems. Click here for a complete overview of the basic features.

Enhanced Convenience, Same Platform

LivionKey dashboard with iLOQ S5 keys

Complement Your iLOQ Manager by Handling Daily Operations Directly Through LivionKey, Streamlining Access Control and Key Management Without the Need for Multiple Platforms

Remote Programming, Maximum Control

Streamlined iLOQ S5 Key Programming with LivionKey30 EM Edition

Electromechanical iLOQ S5 Key Programming

The LivionKey30 EM Edition allows for direct programming of your iLOQ S5 keys, offering a unified solution for key management.

Security Plus

Benefit from an additional layer of security, as stored keys remain inactive until programmed by the LivionKey30 EM Edition.

Unified Management

Simplify your daily tasks by managing iLOQ S5 keys and access rights, all facilitated by the LivionKey30 EM Edition and its seamless integration with the LivionKey web app.

How it works

Take the Next Step in Intelligent Key Management

Discover the future of iLOQ S5 key management with LivionKey30 EM Edition. Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your operations and enhance your security. Schedule a demo today to experience the revolution.

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